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Fifteenth anniversary and graduation ceremony of the twelfth anniversary of the Islamic University with the participation of Mr. Hojjat al-Eslam Mehdi and Communications Deputy Chief of Al-Mustafa International Dr. Hakim Elahi, Board of Trustees of the Islamic University of Ghana , president of the university , the education minister of state , ambassadors , cultural attachés , Islamic Republic of Iran and other Iranian officials, organs with families, teachers , students and their families , along with the heads of some prominent media houses and academic fraternity.
over two thousand people attended and after the very recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Nuru Haq Yahuza, a Ghanaian Quran recitor for participating in the expeditions of selected international tournament in Tehran, Sheikh Ibrahim the Deputy Imam of Shia Islam in Ghana led with Prayers and then Hojjatoleslam Islam Dr. Hakim Elahi Vice President of international communications and Chairman of the Board of The Trustees of the Islamic University of Ghanas gave the opening speech.
Mr. Hakim Elahi thanking the Government of Ghana for supporting the activities of the Islamic University for being academic partner. Moreover, the University refers to the story of Hazrat Rasoul-e-Akram statement seeking knowledge from cradle to grave; new university graduates in science and knowledge path fresh and continue studying it has cross-Ph.d. required.
He was referring to the Prophet Akram statement which says that the missing mans must follow wisdom. And therefore, any graduate today this point should not be forgotten that the acquisition of knowledge in the creation of the scientific character of foreign influence and important.
Continue adding unplanned order cannot be achieved. experience to all the learned that according to the Divine Providence in this world anything is position as the sunrise and sunset are clear examples, it is important affair in the programming of everyday life and therefore trying to trust the Lord with abundant is a factor.
Mr. Hakim Elahi at the end congratulated the college graduates of the divine in the world of science and be ambassadors of knowledge and faith, Read and pray for the success of the future.
Chairman of the Islamic University of Ghana the next speaker.
The head of the Islamic University of Ghana by stating that number of students have been graduated are 140 of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the University congratulates everyone testify to the fact that the Islamic University of Ghana is the only Islamic Tertiary institution in the sub Saharan African which was established in 2000 by the International which has more than 80 educational institution.
Mr. Soleimani, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Ghana giving thanks and appreciation to the Honourable Minister of Education Professor Naana Opoku Agyemang, the administrators and university students said the development of activities of this relationship between the Universitys step in continuing of the partnership between the two countries and, just not at the level of the Islamic University but also in political, cultural, economic, agricultural and rural development, health, and announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran has already worked more than fifty student Study on the different disciplines are studying in Iran for scholarships.
Today, it is pleased that the Government of Ghana and especially the Minister with respect to the importance of the role of education in the development of the country, the activities of the Islamic University of Ghana. Mr. Soleimani at the end to congratulate the graduated students studying and luck in providing service to the country.
Mrs Agyemang, Minister of the Government of Ghana as the final speaker at the ceremony to congratulated the graduans and stated with reference to the latest trip of his execellency the President of the Ghana to Islamic republic of Iran has boosted the bilateral relations in field of scientific and academic relations.

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