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Islamic Celebrations in Ghana

Eid Mabas Celebration at Koforidua, Ghana

The Aal Yaseen Womens Wing organized series of program and activities to celebrate the leader of all women, Sayyida Fatima along with Eid mabas.
The program was attended by both shia scholars and sunni prominent figures in the Capital Town of Eastern province of Ghana, Koforidua.
The dignitaries includes, Sheikh Ahmed Abu Bakr Kamalu Deen, Leader of shia Muslims in Ghana, sheikh Mohammed Abu jaja, president of Ahlul Bayt assembly of Ghana, sheikh Abbas shabban President of Council of Shia scholars in Ghana, sheikh Abdul Rahim Bandago, sheikh Ishaq Fufana, chairman of Tijania Council of Eastern Region of Ghana and Sheikh Adam Hamdani the Regional Chief Imam of Eastern Region and the Representative of Sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu.
Among the dignitaries includes Mr. Mohammed Hassan Ipakchi and his spouse, women members and the entire membership of AaL Yaseen and the general public was present at the Mahadin Islamic School in Koforidua.
The program was started with Quran Recitation and Dua by sheikh Abdullah Kumbula Wilaya followed by Islamic Noha by the Aal Yaseen Team
The chairman for the occasion was sheikh Ishaq Fufana.
First speech was given by sheikh Mohammed Abu Jaja on the essence of Muslim Unity in this time of high Islamaphobia
He urged all Muslim scholars in Ghana to have dialogue as a means to bridge the gap of misunderstanding, so it will pave way for unity and tolerance.
Mrs. Ipakchis Speech:
In the name of Allah
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the holy prophet Muhammad and his infallible household and all those who uphold to the tenets and teachings of Islam during these blessed days of Eid Mabas.
I am reliably informed that todays occasion is to celebrate the holy birthday of the leader of all women Bibi Zahra(as)
I congratulate my fellow women in the Aal Yaseen Womens wing and all shia women in Ghana, especially honoured wives of our eminent Islamic scholars in Ghana. I can’t name all of you my dear sisters.
It’s a honour to be in your midst today to share this joy with you. I see success in the lives of all who have entrusted their life on the path of Sayyida Zahra(as)
We as women have a deeper responsibility in shaping a better society, a better family, and a better nation.
Our emulation to this special figure in Islam is not by chance but by divine grace and blessing from Allah.
Sayyida Zahra wasn’t only a daughter to the holy prophet, she rose to the status of becoming a mother to her father whiles at the age of 9 when she will stand and defend her father.
She wasnt only a wife to Imam Ali, she was a mother to Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein (as).
We must learn on how to attain piety, being kind and religious from the selfless life styles of Sayyida Zahra.
On this occasion of celebrating her birthday which also coincides with the divine prophetic appointment of Prophet Muhammad, I wish all of you my dear sisters and brothers a happy Eid.
May Allah continue to keep us on the path of Mohammed, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hussein all the entire Imams.
May Allah hasten the reappearance of Imam Zamaan.
Thank you.
Sheikh Abbas Shaban narrated the history of the miraculous bith of Sayyida Fatima
Typically in an African Ghanaian cultural program, immediately after the history of the birth of Sayyida Zahra was finished the entire participants stood on their feet as a sign of respect for the new born child ( sayyida zahra) monies was therefore contributed as a gift to her(as).
And an Islamic melody in praises of her was sung by brother shamsudeen Gausiya
Sheikh Eshad Fufana, a prominent tijania scholar who was also the chairman for the occasion used the opportunity to highlight some important histories pertaining to Zahras Relationship with the holy Prophet He said, after the demise of the holy prophet, no other person was able to take up the divine responsibility except Zahra and her sons along with her husband
And today in the history of the world, the children have zahra have been protecting and projecting the image of Islam
He said, in the writings of a great sufi scholar sheikh Ibrahim Anyass has noted most and respected position in his writings for the ahlul bayt(as)

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