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Peace exhibition In Ghana

Peace holds exhibition and educational workshops in Lady Fatima Girls High School In Accra

The Pars Cultural initiative of Children fo races and cultural diversity under the management of Mrs Nikzat of the International Institute for childrens culture makers PARS and a member of the r Peace holds exhibition and educational workshops in Lady Fatima Girls High School for the students to exhibit their art and cultural education workshop at the high school for girls of Hazrat Zahra (SA) affiliated to the martyrs of Ghana. The program entitled: equality of International Council of museums
Students in this workshop, in addition to the dialogue to build your tribe and ethnic dolls and a Mobile Museum of culture of peace ambassadors after issuing birth certificates for any puppet show it was from especially in the field of art works.
Susan Nick said, essence in this workshop is that part of the worlds tourism markets and art inspired hands of their land and the people of Africas with this ornate art. The orientation of the Museum along with the doll and a member of the international network of childrens Mobile Museum, peace culture affiliated to the International Institute for childrens culture makers and peace culture ambassadors PARS Museum including:
Childrens Museum in the North of Iran, saramose, Dr rahgoshay, Isfahan, Natanz, Tehran, seals charity Institute Parvin, South Khorasan, non-profit elementary school and kindergarten in Mashhad and orientation with Parvin clothing of Iranians in different period of history.
different cultures are registered on the list of doll museum. Collaborative and interactive workshop would have above for the duration of the program in addition to encourage young people and adolescents to promote the culture of peace; its a belief and understanding of themselves and their abilities,

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