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At the closing ceremony and the graduation of the second training course for imams in Ghana on Saturday June 1st at the Islamic University of Ghana.
At the presence of the head of the Islamic University, director of the seminary of Ahl al-Bayt (AS ) , a representative office chief Imam of Ghana, and scores of Imams attending the course , professors, students and seminary students.

Recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Hashim Hafiz of Quran is used to open the program.Dr. Mohsen Marefi, President of the Islamic University of Ghana during the half Shaban and congratulate the participants in the end of the closing ceremony of the second training course.
The program continued for six months with reference to the necessity of organizational work for the Islamic groups among the task in this regard with the stated importance of hopefully read this course graduates to be able to execute their responsibilities is a necessary in this country, the success of the promo.
Sheikh Imam Shams-al-Din a participant of the program, thanking the Islamic University for facilitating the program.Sheikh Abbas Shaban a graduate from Qum gave a speech on Imam Mahdi in local language.
The Cultural Consular of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ghana is also blessed with the words of congratulations anniversary the birth of Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s.) with happiness and salutation the successful completion of a second training course in Ghana among the groups and with reference to the similar courses in other African countries, the presence of a high potential in Ghana including teachers and seminarians and Islamic education prepared space in comparison with countries with a Muslim minority. So by taking advantage of this favourable space in carrying out their responsibilities to attempt
Pointing to the part of khumm sermon in the expression of the continuity of leadership of the divine light of Hazrat Ali (PBUH) to Imam Mehdi (a.s.) , follow the commands of the holy prophet Mohammed (p) is very important. Cultural officer also expressed readiness for the emergence of the Prophet (PBUH) h., that certainty is the ideal society would be the responsibilities of the public and especially among the groups in the preparation of such a situation reminiscent of.
At the end of the story with the presentation of the Prophet Imam Sajjad (as) regarding the importance of the position of the top in the absence of that era has a conviction (in understanding and knowledge) to its increasing success with the Prophet to pray among the groups of Ghana.
Cultural Consular said, among all the groups present in the audience at the ceremony are invited to ceremonies commemorating the passing of Imam Khomeini (RA) in cooperation with the Office of the Imam of the Muslims of Ghana.
In the continuation of the program, Dr. Hassan Ibrahim, a Professor of Islamic studies and Chairman of the Faculty of the Islamic University of Ghana with religions, express the important tasks among groups of Muslims on how to attract Tips provide enough attention and importance to the opinions of all sects and intellects and away from intellectual limitations, noted in the terminate the observance of Islamic Ethics being the most important prerequisite of Islamic subjects.

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