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Al-Quds International Day celebration in Ghana by holding a conference with the title: Palestine, the problem still remains unsolved, with Al-Quds international day on the last Friday of Ramadan (11 July) was held in the cities of Accra and Tamale. In Accra, the Conference attended by more than 100 people from the political, academic and religious figures, including Muslim clerics, professors at the University, the leaders of political parties, intellectuals and writers, students, and with the presence of some Islamic countries ambassadors of Palestine, Lebanon and Algeria, Islamic Republic of Iran in Ghana as well as, colleagues and the various organs of the Iranian Embassy, at the College of physicians Conference Hall in Ghana.
The program was organised by the Socialist Forum of Ghana under the activitistship of Mr. Kwesi Pratt and it was begin video documentary film proving the Palestinian resistance.
The cultural consulate of the embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Ghana, thanked the organizers for doing a wonderful organizing for the program.
Sheikh Kamal al-Din Abu Bakr the national Imam Shiites in Ghana is also commented while the end of the month of Ramadan, recalling the efforts of Hazrat Imam Khomeini (RA) importace to human society being a respected great leader.
Extending thanks to the socialist forum of Ghana and to Mr. Kwesi Pratt for the sake of keeping the worlds Muslims with accurate information’s, the main contributions of Islams message is perfect, at identifying For growth and excellence of human values and trying to fix the exclusion of human society, that is the message of Islamic expression.
The head of the National Union of Ghana students also pointed out the importance of consonance with Palestine, the main problem is that the impact of deprivation on the economic crisis and be thought of a man stripping. with that the Palestinian people have been denied and oppressed but the struggle and resistance against the occupying regime onslaught as well to the world for a great victory.
He aslo congratulate the Iranian people and leadership who have stand with conviction, because during The Islamic revolution till now, the support of Palestinian deprivation and other oppressed nations
The National Union of Ghana student believe that the Palestinian people be achieved if full freedom the world has reached a real victory and so we all sponsor support Palestine.
The next speaker of the Conference on Qods day in Accra, Mr. Kwesi Pratt is one of the characters will develop the intellectual and political activist who was at the same time move to align with the Palestinian people through their Socialist Assembly with the approach of the revolutionary ideas of African independence leader Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in richness and frequency of attempts to manage the media in the face of the usurper Israel and supporting the Palestinian people.
Pratt in a speech salted with an audience to appreciate that the Conference in this community because the actual Alliance with the rest of the Palestinian people against the occupying regime is a necessary and sufficient power to return to Palestine is a task for the human community, including people of Ghana and the Ghana anti-colonial struggles in the history of the people of the people of Palestine with unison.
The main question in the current world, "he continued, this knowing that our Palestinian people to see what a task? should know Palestine is not just for Muslims and other religions, but not for Palestine, is a universal phenomenon for all units of human.
The question of Palestine is an issue of human rights from being deprived of their minimum rights.
The Palestinian Ambassador in Ghana, thanks to the organizers of this celebration and appreciation of Islamic Iran to Palestine because of the unwavering support of the struggles of the Palestinian peoples history overview.
The next speaker is Prof. Edmund Delle, leader of the political party of the Covenant people of Ghana that was due to the importance of the consonance with the proposal to Palestinian activity in the direction of consonance with the people of Palestine as one of the most effective partisan activity indicators for future elections in the country in the case of examination and approval.
Mr. Soleimani, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ghana speaking to point out that for years the last Friday of the month of Ramadan the Muslim world as Al-Quds day for the announcement of the unity of the Palestinian people and sympathy has been called for the day such as the awakening day. and the freedom of the land occupied by the Zionists for the rights of the Palestinian nation to declare world freedom and all the free countries of supporting the Palestinian peoples struggle to obtain the full release Occupied territories. therefore,
Hazrat Imam Khomeini (RA), the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood against the enemies of Palestine.
Trying to change the historical identity of the Zionist regime, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Quds assault ... The Palestinian people in the difficult conditions. Zionist regimes policy in the operation of terrorist groups to provide pursuant to the operation of the slide Arabic and Islamic countries take peace. This is important that some Islamic countries also asked to abstain from having ties with the Zionist regime, efficient support of Palestine are still sound. During the Conference, the Palestinian peoples uprising on the lyrics are read.
An exhibition of photographs of the struggles of the Palestinian people was about the gatherings also plans visits in attendance. Media coverage and interviews with some of the executive officers of the Metro television channel Ghana (Metro TV). Also in commemoration of international day of Quds mosque of mosques in Accra, among the ten groups in the prayer sermon last Friday of Ramadan to mention the parts of the message of the leader regarding the international day of Quds.
Al-Quds international day of celebration of the Muslim tamale in Northern Ghana also attended by scholars, students and seminarians. The ceremony at the same time with the last Friday of the month of Ramadan and the end of the one month course of Holy Quran Sheikh Abdal Momeen Dalahu.

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