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Mina stampede commemoration In Ghana

Mina stampede commemoration

In the Name of Allah

As part of the activities to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the tragic incident in Mina last Year at Hajj, which saw over 4000 pilgrims martyred. the Council of Zongo Chiefs of Ghana marked the Quran Recitation program in Accra.
The program eas brought together all Muslim tribal chiefs in Accra on the 9th of September 2016 at the Premises of the office of the Council of Zonfo Chiefs at Maamobi near Kanda, the program begun exactly 3:00pm and ended at 6:30pm with congregational magrib prayers led by the Representative of the National Chief Imam of Ghana, sheikh Imam Mohammed Awal.

The main intent of the program is to recite Holy Quran in full for 3 times. This brought together 90 Quran Recitors who read the Holy Quran in its parts.

The Recitation was led by a prominent Islam Scholar and a staunch student of Sheikh Nuhu Sharutubu by Name sheikh Mustapha Yaa Jalaal, a sympathizer and a friend of Iran.

The entire Quran Recitors finished reading the first parts, which was followed by special prayers for all the souls of the martyrs, and seeks Allah forgiveness for them all.

The second recitation of the holy Quran was done and was followed by special prayers, which seeked for Allah blessings and protect for all the families of the victims, especially your children, mothers, fathers, wives and husbands.

After the third recitation, a special prayers was done for counties who lost their citizens especially the highest among the countries, the Islamic republic of Iran. And prayed for the people , the government and leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

After the successful completion of the Recitation of the holy Quran in full three times.

A speech was opened to be heard by the entire people gathered at the auditorium.

Among the speakers include, Ace journalist and political and social commentator, Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr. Who was at the occasion as the special guest speaker, even though not being a Muslim, he always sides with muslims and seeks for justice for Muslims both in Ghana and globally.

The second speamer was Alhaji Chief Abdul Qadir Tahir, the Chairman of the Council of Muslim chiefs of Ghana

The third speaker was the National Public Relations office, who doubles as the Chief of Wangara Tribe of Accra, Chief Alhaji Baba Imoro Isa.

Speech of Mr. Kwesi Pratt Junior.

Beginning his speech with congratulating the entire Muslim community for once again upholding to the tenets of Islam by attending Hajj to fulfill the religious obligations. He called on the muslim chiefs in Ghana not to allow themselves to be influenced and make sure the affairs of Muslims in Ghana and across the globe in highly address. In his speech the advice the muslims chiefs, the Imams of Jumaa to use thier position in thie Muslim communities to advance the course of truth and justice. He sensored why till now muslims authorities are still silent on the issue of Hajj and especially the bias position of the saudi king and Government. He said the issue in Yemen and some opressed muslim nations like Palestine is not a religious issue only which must require a swift approach but its a human right issue, its a matter to self respect and human dignity.

Continues dropping of cluster of bombs on the people of Yemen is affornt to international laws but because the saudi regime is being backed by America, they are doing all things to silent progressive people.

He said, I know of you knows Im not a muslims, so why should any issue concerning Muslims affect me, now my answer to you, the problem is not a muslim only issue, the problem must be solve by all means since it a fight against colonialist forces. What is happening today in Yeman, Bahran, Palestine, Iraq, syria , Libya and other Muslim countries is not about Islam, its about the struggle between right and wrong, its a fight between the satanic Zionist regime and the monotheistic people.

It doesnt limit to only islam and Muslims, we must not put barriers.

What happened last years during the hajj, is really a shameful act. Muslims in the world must rally and make sure the Zionist regime doesnt continue to work through saudi to sow division in your religion. I read more about islam, I read about your prophet Muhammad, I read a lot about the history of Islam, so I know what Islam is. I know the true Muslim will not kill an innocent soul, so I still cant understand why about 5000 innocent souls will be killed in last years hajj when Muslim nations sit idle without calling the saudi authorities for probe.

In Islam what is so much upheld to is accountability. That is why all of us will be judged one day, that is why, before any person becomes a muslim, he must believe in the judgement Day.

So why is it that, saudi authorities who mismanaged the hajj cant be accountable to all muslims in Ghana.

Aside Oil , the second thing that brings money to the Saudi kingdom is your monies you paid to go on Hajj.

Few years ago, saudi authorities said they made 10 billion dollars from Hajj in just one monday of your stay during hajj.

Now what happens to this huge money? Why is that poverty is high in areas that muslims are populated in African, especially in Ghana?

Whete does the monies of muslims goes to when they attend Hajj and pays a lot of money?

Who enjoys the monies of Muslims?

Now let me tell you, I am now a muslims but I know some facts. My dear respected Fathers, I want to ask you, do you know that , the house your holy prophet was born, is now turned into public toilet in Saudi Arabia?

Are you aware that over 1 million Iranians was not allowed to worship Allah and visit the holy grave of prophet Mohammed this year?

Are you aware that over 400 Iranians was also killed by mossad and saudi intelligence agencies during the stampede in Mina last year and do you know that very high Iranian diplomats and spevial adiver to the supreme leader of Iran was also kidnapped and killed and buried him without letting his family knows where his body is?

I hope you are aware, just few days ago, the Mufti of Saudi said Iranians are not Muslims?

So please my dear respected Father, do mot keep silent just because we are Ghanaians, Ghana also lost 21 people in hajj last year.

This people who were deliberately killed, are mothers, fathers, husbands and wifes.

With your voices together as tribal Muslim chiefs in Ghana, the world will know the crimes being committed by the holy Kaba

Chief Baba Imor Isa, the National Public Relations officer of the Council of Muslim Chiefs of Ghana. Pleaded with saudi authorities to ensure the safety of all pilgrims but at the same time, they must respect the rights of hujjaaj and make the holy city of Mecca safe for all hujjaj irrespective of thier nation, colour or sect in Islam. He said the main reason for such a reli gathering is to bring togetherness and unity among Muslim ummah. He asked the entire muslim ummma to form an international body to manage Hajj. According to him, this will bring understand among Muslims concerning hajj.

Chief Alhaji Abdul Qadir Tahir urged all muslims in Ghana to continue pray for the success of this years hajj. He said he still cant understand why there isnt an international body to investigate the last years tragedy. He asked the saudi authorities to upon up the management of Hajj and involved experts to handle the issues of hajj.

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