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inter religious dialogue seminar

the inter religious dialogue seminar at the University of Ghana

Discussants at the inter religious dialogue seminar at the University of Ghana organized by the Cultural Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in partnership with the Inter-Religious Center of Iran have expressed the need for discourse to go thorough mere rhetoric and strive for practical manifestation of love, respect and tolerance of other faiths and religions to continue the peace and unity of the country.
The participants of the seminar expressed the need for their religious leaders to manage their information flow with clear and common position on issues to avoid their members making contradictory statements in the media that tends to create tension.
Dr. Yaw Agyemang Sarkodie of the Department of the Study of Religions and Human Values of the University of cape Coast, Dr. Abamfo Atiemo and Dr. Lawrence Boakye of the University of Ghana and Dr. Hussein Ibrahim Iddriss of the Islamic University College of Ghana have expressed sentiments on the dialogue on Friday held at the Institute of African Studies of the University of Ghana on the theme, peaceful coexistence among religions, an opportunity to counter extremism and violence.
The dialogue is prelude for a major inter religious conference dialogue to be held within the year to address a major concern of the globe on bigotry, violence, terrorism and extremism.
Professor Gavua, the dean if the faculty of Arts of the University of Ghana who chaired the event, said , Ghana as a model for peace of religions, tolerance for the world to emulate because of peaceful coexistence among religions groups.
Rt. Rev. Dr. Nathan Iddriss Samwini, the Methodist Bishop and senior lecture of KNUST observed that Muslims and Christians had lived together over 1000 years in different parts of the world including Ghana.

Prof. Bagher Talebi Darabi, the chairman of Department of Study of Religions of the University of Religions and Denominations of the Islamic Republic of Iran who was the guest speaker of the Inter Religious Dialogue highlighted the course and important of inter religious dialogue through presentation of his theses.

The Cultural Consular of Islamic Republic of Iran commended the University of Ghana for such a partnership and also an opportunity to share ideas in the academic sphere and promote peace among religions.

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