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The ideals of the Islamic revolution and the Conference on world peace, the cultural Consul of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana on Saturday 16 February, in the Conference Hall of the College of physicians attended the religious, political and scientific personalities of the country, as well as cultural relations, Ambassador, Embassy of the members, managers and other colleagues of the various governmental and non-governmental sector was held
Before you begin the program, two documentary film introducing the progress of the Islamic revolution and the development of tourism for participating guests are on display. Representatives of various organizations and religious and academic centres in separate messages of solidarity and unity of Ghana with the people and the Government of Iran on the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution and a part of the poetry reading to pass the victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran was offered
Then, the cultural Consul in Ghana, while welcome and congratulations of the thirty-eighth anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution and founder of the great revolution of the leadership role of the late twentieth century of Imam Khomeini (RA) is an important historical phenomenon and its effects on the contemporary international developments are emphasized. Cultural relations referring to the glory of democracy and peace in the country, especially in the wake of recent Ghanaian presidential election marks the sixtieth anniversary of the commemoration of the independence of Ghana to follow the revolutionary people of this country trying to get rid of the colonization and development of freedom and democracy know itself d end of the growing trend of cultural development of bilateral relations in the relations between the long-treasured happened countries *
Mr. Kwesi Pratt Junior., Manager and editor of the newspaper,a political activist and supporter of Palestine congratulated the anniversary of Irans Islamic revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution movement with reference to the continuation of the Iranian leadership, the role of Irans Islamic revolution school unique pattern for the countries of the world and especially to the communities that need more campaigns against bullying in the United States and the West are worthwhile reads the plot and pointing To the current situation in the international world of Trumps recent, especially the seven countries on the sanctions issue entry visas to the United States to citizens of these countries, and the effect of all negative effects of it being worthless and the global support of the Muslims against the unfortunate mud as Trump in the development of peoples independence and world developments, especially the continuation of Irans Islamic revolution ideals and the continuation of this great leader unmatched motion The revolution.
Pratt went on expressing the importance of following the people of Ghana with any religion and belief of the ideals of the Islamic revolution is very important and that is what is currently led by the United States in imposing new sanctions against Iran and gave the base recently called unfounded because his revolutionary Iran from the beginning of the Islamic movement to stand well with all species of sanctions and to the great victory is reached of course this wondrous lesson for people spiritually and The Government of Ghana. The doctor, Mr. Maliki, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ghana and marking the eighth anniversary congratulate the victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran and pointed out the importance of peace on behalf of all human discourse communities make the Islamic revolution a new phenomenon in the Islamic discourse was efficient and it was based on the assumption that the Islamic epistemology are actually a new window for freedom for the people of the world of the contemporary world. Islam is based on the teachings of the Holy Quran affection;
a love affair knows fundamental human existence
. Human life with Islam in the process of divine worship of the divine teachings, which finds peace, moral values and love to type on your side. Crimea: single of Anna, by Ann faabdon refers to the same thing. Great reviews on Islamic Iran from the time of Cyrus as well as equality, freedom and human rights to the Islamic revolutions superior theory. making the world more peaceful, and the worlds premier manufacturer of international system order in International system. Consistently struggle between justice and injustice miniature worship of God. In the continuation of the program of the Conference questions and answers about the Islamic revolution and the surrounding world, as well as recent international developments. On the margins of the cultural relations Conference and President of the Islamic University of Ghana with the tv network Pan about the Islamic revolution and its progress interview. It should be noted that the Conference program by journalists of mass media including tv Ghana Pan and the Official Gazette times coverage was given to Ghana.
The two also discuss the cultural efforts of documentary film related to the progress of the Islamic revolution of Iran as well as the development of tourism during the Fajr Islamic revolution in several days, turn-by-tv channel TV Africa and pan African Tv.

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