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presentation and donation of gifts, school stationaries and food items to 14 Orphans in the Maamobi Muslim community of Accra.

The Aal Yaseen Organization in Ghana in the 30th of December 2017 held a program of presentation and donation of gifts, school stationaries and food items to 14 Orphans in the Maamobi Muslim community of Accra.

The brilliant needy and orphans are carefully selected from Islamic Training Institute of Accra.

The orphans made up of boys and girls below the age 13 received among other Islamic books, text books and food stuffs.

At the event held at the Imam Khomeini library in Accra was graced by Mr. Mohammed Abdul Samad who used the occasion to advice the youth to uphold to Islam teachings and training for a better life for themselves. He urged for Orlando not to look at the disadvantages in their life, so they sake taking up challenges of life to be better personalities in society in future. He advised them not to indulge in social vices such as gambling, drugs, stealing. He said they should look down upon themselves because the Holy Prophet of Islam himself was an orphan but Allah choosed him as a prophet.

He said people like the National Chief Imam of Ghana has immense love for orphans.

He also said Imam Khomeini who founded Iran always gives much attention to orphans and same is Ayatollah Ali Khamanei the current Supreme leader of Iran. So the orphans shouldn"t think that in this world they have lost their fathers and mothers, because Ayatollah Ali Khamanei is their father and he loves them..

On his part , Mr. Iddriss Toppoh the president of Aal Yaseen Ghana Community urged the orphans to use the premises of Imam Khomeini library for their studies and research works in all their academic field. He said the Aal Yaseen National Secretariat which houses the Imam Khomeini library is open for all of them and they should consider it as their home.

At the end of the event, gifts were presented to the 14 orphans, this gift was fully sponsored by the Office of Ayatollah Ali Khamanei through the supersivion of Iran Cultural Consulate in Ghana and the implementation was done by the Aal Yaseen Gonna Community

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