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The Agricultural and Rural Development (ARD) is the representative office of the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture and a section of the Iranian Embassy in Ghana.

A. R. D came into existence after series of discussions on agricultural, economic and technical co-operation – with the idea of South-South co-operation as the main catalyst – between high ranking personalities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Ghana, dating back to the middle of 1988. The fruit of their efforts was the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two republics in 1989 with the cardinal aim of mitigating the poverty of rural folks and urban poor communities.

By virtue of His Excellency, the late Imam Khomeini’s saying – “political independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with economic and cultural independence” A. R. D has been undertaking projects that generate employments thus raise the income, and for that matter, the standard of living of the beneficiary communities; thereby making them economically self-sufficient and independent.

In the field of Agriculture, A. R. D has established agric mechanization centres with various agric machinery and equipment. This department gives tractor services to peasant farmers at highly subsidized rates and free extension services during farming seasons.

To augment income generating capacity of the farmers, A. R. D has of late introduced Beekeeping Technology and modern methodology of mushroom production to them. The farmers are trained free of charge and provided with equipment and gears to put into practice their acquired skills for their benefit and that of their communities. Additionally, A. R. D undertakes agro-forestry projects in various farming communities in conjunction with the farmers.

Education is the means by which people get empowered and acquire skills for life. In recognition of this fact and in the light of the emphasis Islam lays on the acquisition of knowledge, A. R. D completes uncompleted schools and builds new ones for the needy communities.

In addition, to supplement Ghana Government’s efforts in the provision of technical education to the youths, who are leaders of tomorrow, A. R. D builds and equips youth development centres. These centres offer the youth training in employable skills such as carpentry, welding, masonry, auto-mechanics, electrical wiring and installation.

The world is moving fast in the field of I.T; as such A. R. D has established computer training centres to educate people from all walks of life in software applications.

Women are targeted group in this field. They are trained in dressmaking, macaroni, soap, pomade making and weaving. The establishment of this department stemmed from A. R. D’s desire to create opportunities for young ladies in the various beneficiary communities to acquire new skills in order to enhance their income and improve their living conditions. They are provided with sewing machines and other equipment after being trained free of charge.

Water is wealth; water is life. In order to curb the problem of water borne diseases like guinea worms and bilharzias which arise from drinking contaminated water, A. R. D sinks wells fitted with manual pumps. These wells provide potable water to the beneficiary communities.

In order to alleviate the suffering of rural women who used to grind cereal on grinding stones, A. R. D established workshops for milling cereals like corn, millet and sorghum. In addition, A. R. D provides rice huller for processing raw rice and machinery for the extraction of shea butter and palm oil as well as cassava graters.

To create spiritual and moral awareness amongst various Muslim communities A. R. D undertakes rehabilitation of old mosques, completes uncompleted ones and builds new ones.

In this area A. R. D has established the IRAN CLINIC and handed over to RED CRESCENT OF IRAN for management. It has also established other health posts in the Northern Region of Ghana.

A. R. D also builds public places of convenience for the beneficiaries to ease themselves in a hygienic manner.

Tel: 00233 - 21 -  773757

Fax: 00233- 21 - 777240

GHANA - DIVISION        P.O.Box : 16438      Airport  -  Accra


Tamale office      P.O.Box: 953          Tel: 071 - 23269      Fax: 071 - 22436 

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