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 History of the Islamic University College-Ghana
 The establishment of the Islamic University College-Ghana
 started with the acquisition of land for it in 1995. The Ahlul
 Bait Foundation of the Islamic Republic of Iran conceived the
 idea of a University College as far back as 1986 by opening
 an Islamic Training Institute in a rented apartment at
 Abelenkpe, Accra. The first batch of 15 students was
 admitted into the Institute to do a two-year course in Islamic
 Theology with the main objective being to enrich the Ghanaian
 Muslim Youth with high spiritual and moral standards.
 In 1988, the Institute was registered as the Ahlul Bait Islamic
 School. This was in pursuance of the desire to provide
 facilities for research into Islamic sciences for Muslim
 students and scholars from Ghana and the neighbouring
 The Islamic University College, Ghana was granted interim
 accreditation by the National Accreditation Board with effect
 from 2001. On 10th April 2001, 15 students were given
 admission to do a 4-year Bachelor of Arts programme in
 Religious Studies (Islamic option). In September the same
 year, a second batch of 42 students was admitted into the
 University College.
 In September 2002, accreditation was given for the University
 College to introduce a 4-year degree programme in Business
 Administration with specialisation in Accounting, Banking and
 Finance, and Marketing. Two hundred students applied for
 admission and after thorough scrutiny 67 were given
 admission into the Department of Business Administration and
 39 into the Department of Religious Studies
 The Islamic University College-Ghana Mission

 o Training the youth to qualify as professional men
 and women who will not only meet the highest
 standards and expectations of the Ministry of
 Education but will also be imbued with the
 commitment to serve in deprived areas in
 general and Muslim communities in particular.
 o Providing opportunities for academic and
 professional development of the youth more
 especially those from the urban areas.
 o Nurturing/producing mature individuals who
 have broad-base knowledge and appreciation of
 all existing religions for the purpose of
 encouraging understanding and dialogue
 between different religions and cultures.
 o Producing specialists in Administration,
 Banking, Economics, Secular and Islamic Law
 to provide honest and selfless manpower
 resources for the public and private sector.
 o Maintaining conductive environment for
 interactive academic work whose products
 would be shining examples of morality, well
 integrated into society and desirous of further
 post: P.O. Box CT 3221
 Accra Ghana
 Phone No: 00233 21 7012770
 fax No     : 00233 22 252035

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