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In pursuance of its humanitarian services, the Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran has embarked on establishing its medical centers throughout the African Continent over the last two decades.

Some of the Countries that benefit from these services are Kenya, Niger, Mali, Ivory Coast as well as Ghana. Iran Clinic in Accra was established in 1990 following an agreement between Iranian Red Crescent and Ghanaian Authorities and is currently operating according to the latest memorandum of understanding signed between Iranian Red Crescent Society and the Ministry of Health of Ghana as well as Ghana Red Cross society.

In all these years Iran Clinic has dedicated itself to providing quality and affordable medical care for its patients who are mainly from the poor and underprivileged sector of Ghanaian Community.

The premises of the center located in Adabraka measures approximately 810sq. meters with a 3 storey building which was bought by the society and later renovated and expanded to have additional medical departments .The clinic operates in hours between 6 a.m to 2 p.m from Monday to Saturday.

Statistical study of number of patients treated up to date in the clinic :

The number of patients, who patronize Iran Clinic according to epidemiological and environmental situation, varies from 300 – 500 daily. According to the statistical studies, more than 1,280,000 patients have been attended to since the clinic was established (1990).

One of the most important reasons for becoming the most patronized and popular clinic is due to the quality and affordability of medical services especially in the administering of Iranian made drugs which are of high quality .



The laboratory is capable of undertaking majority of bio – Chemical, Serological, Haematological, and Cultural Test etc. Due to the high quality and affordability of the services, it receives between 50 to 80 patients per day.


This comprises of a large stock of Iranian manufactured drugs sent to Ghana and this is the major supply base of the Clinic’s Pharmacy which is of great support.


The fact that almost all the Iranian made drugs in the Clinic are subsidized by Iranian Red Crescent makes this department very important. And consequently, the pharmacy is playing a very important role not only for the patient patronizing the Clinic but also for patients who had not attended the clinic and coming from outside to purchase drugs here.


There is a recovery room with nine beds and two registered nurses.


The opportunity is given to Adabraka Polyclinic to send its nurses to use the facilities in the clinic in discharging vaccination activities on weekly basis. In addition to that, the clinic has been participating in various nation-wide vaccination programs in close collaboration with Ministry of Health of Ghana.


a) Seven General Practitioners – Daily

b) One Ophthalmologist – Once a Week

c) One Gynaecologist – Once a Week

d) One ENT specialist – Once a Week

Other aspects of the Clinic that need to be mentioned:

The Iran Clinic, which is under the directorship of a Medical Doctor from the Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been participating in numerous activities:

• Iran Clinic is currently proud to be part of the National Tuberculosis Control Program. In this case, Iran Clinic is regarded as one of the most successful clinics throughout the country in terms of the number of detected cases and case management. And therefore, it has been recognized and praised by Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie – former Minister of Health and his companion Professor Feachem from Global found, on their last visit to the clinic.

• In line with our commitment to support government policies, we have started cooperating with National Health Insurance Scheme since January 2006 and as a result, a total number of six thousand five hundred and seventy five (6575) Patients, covered by scheme, have been attended to.

• Voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) center has been established in this clinic since early 2006 and every month a significant number of patients enjoy this service.

• In line with its humanitarian objectives, Iran Clinic have been organizing periodical visit to Nsawam Prison in order to provide the prisoners with free medical care.

• It dispatched medical team as well as medical assistance including drugs to the flood hit areas in the Northern region of Ghana for one week.

• The clinic has been organizing mobile clinic for poor and underprivileged people living in deprived areas.

• It has paid periodic visit to the OSU children’s home in order to treat and offer health advice to the vulnerable children.

• The Clinic has donated :
- One Nissan Patrol Ambulance to the people of Yendi on
Their request.
- Financial and drug support to the victims of stadium disaster (37
Military Hospital)
- Drugs to various Hospitals and clinics like psychiatric
Hospital ( Adabraka ) and Children’s Hospital.

• The clinic sends its semiannual reports to the Ministry of Health of Ghana and the Red Cross Society of Ghana.

• The Clinic has been periodically sending the Imported Iranian made drugs to food & drug board to be analyzed, which have always been proved qualified.



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